Padebi Ojomo

A brand like a human has a thought process behind it…

The business world is cluttered with different businesses offering a multitude of services to a ton of customers and in this multitude, only a few stand out as the leaders of the pack.

From the biggest fortune 500 companies to the continental greats and national greats, something makes them stand out and it is evident in everything they do.

From the huge billboard advertisements, website design to even the names on their plaques there is a feeling of uniformity that tells you at a glance this is that business or this corporation.

It also goes farther than just colours and tone and goes deeper into their work ethic, financial management and how they take their corporate responsibilities.

That defining and separating factor is what is called branding; it is what separates a truly great business form the noise in the marketplace.

A brand like a human has a thought process behind it, has a goal for today and has a dream for tomorrow and goals that have to be maintained for the long haul.

It is true that a lot of companies have brands but there are some that are just so recognizable and have an almost hypnotic effect on people.

This is why people queue overnight to buy an apple product on the day of release, it is why a fast and furious movie will always smash box office records and on the flipside, it is  why we became wary of blackberry because it stopped innovating with the times and its brand took a huge hit.

So what separates an attractive brand from other brands and how do you apply that to your business?



Go and check every business sphere and you will notice something and that is the fact that the biggest brands know their audience to the smallest details.

The truth is you cant create anything that I will find attractive if you don’t know me so well so it is common sense for business that want to a an attractive brand that knowing the audience will always be their saving grace.

It will help you create products, market them and give a great customer experience because you know them and so you know to the barest details what they expect and what will chase them to your competitor.

Every time a company has goofed it is because they didn’t have knowledge or they choose to ignore it and a good example is Pepsi.

Pepsi recently shot an advert that had the civil rights struggle in America as a theme and it backfired because it had the white savior storyline plastered all over it.

That didn’t show knowledge and their brand took a huge hit and they had to pull the ad, you should learn from that and do everything from a place of knowledge so your brand can stay attractive.



If it isn’t unique it isn’t a brand and in no time it will get lost in the crowd and be swept away by the wind of other successes.

I mean imagine if MTN, Airtel, Globacom and Etisalat did everything the same way and there was no way to differentiate them?

They would be huge pile of failures right now because It starts from your colours to the language to the culture and most importantly your unique selling point.

A businesses unique selling point from the phrase itself is that unique thing that sells your business to the audience out there.

For apple it is their insistence on sleekness, size and innovation, for my business it is my ability to take a woman from no sales to a good bank balance in 90 days.

For your brand to be attractive and have an endless supply of people that are attracted to what you have to offer, you need to be unique in every aspect.

It shouldn’t just be any type of difference though; it should be difference that makes you better than your competition.

It could be that you are faster, more cost efficient or yours lasts longer, find that unique factor and use it every chance you get.



I would imagine how unwise it would be if the Ecobank branchess here in Lagos are painted blue and those in Abuja are green.

It would be a total fiasco and would make the bank look unserious and it will repel customers, it also goes into more serious matters.

One part of your business shouldn’t be communicating one thing while another contradicts it, one part shouldn’t be disloyal while another is loyal.

You won’t thrive if  customer service is good but the produce line is lacking and the list goes on, you need the whole business working in tandem for it to be a brand.

It should be like the human body where every organ knows its function and does it to the satisfaction of the entity.

You do all this and you will have a brand that customers will f lock towards because it is attractive and blows its competition out of the water.

Do you love the way your brand looks in your market place?

Will you like to change it?