Padebi Ojomo

If there’s something you’re good at

… at least better than most people

And you still don’t know how to make at least N500k within a month

Then you want to read my short story

Now, a lot of people don’t know this about me…


But about 4 years ago I gave up my occupation as a carpenter. 


To be honest, I loved the work I did.


But in less than three months of quitting, I made the easiest N300,000 I’ve ever made in my life


Now, I know N300,000 isn’t a life-changing sum, but it wasn’t really about the money.


It was that… it dawned on me that “ wow, I can make this much money and still have more than enough time for my baby


I now had the option to watch kasha grow into a big girl


For those of you who don’t know, Kasha is my daughter, and at the time, she was just 1


Up until that day, I’d look at kasha as I was going to work and feel this stab of guilt as I rushed out the door “because I didn’t want to be late for work”


I’d ask myself, do I want to leave the upbringing of my daughter to chance?


I’m a woman, I know what it’s like to be a girl growing up in this world of ours. The fear of the possibilities dragged my heart every day


This was my case until I heard about this thing called the “expert business”


And once I learned about the possibilities and the lifestyle that this path allowed people to have. I decided to forfeit my old career and plunge into it headfirst.


This was almost 5 years ago. 


Ever since I made the switch I’ve had time to follow my two biggest passions;

1) Watching my babies grow up into strong girls (that’s my number 1 J-O-B, and…

2) Helping moms who are in the shoes I was in many years ago to also reach their dreams because I know exactly how they feel

Now why am I telling you this


Wayy back in 2019, I partnered with a mentor of mine.


His name is DJ Sobanjo and he’s one of the pioneers of the expert space. In fact, he had been in the space since before Facebook was a thing


We then held a 5-day workshop where DJ and I stripped the whole expert business down to its core for everyone lucky enough to be in attendance


This is because we could see people trying to get their starts in this lucrative space but because there was no reliable guidance, they fail shamefully and have to return to their naysayers

DJ has been in the space for way longer than I have.


He has been in the space for way longer than most gurus have


So he knows the time-tested methods that have worked over and over again.


These same methods are the ones that made me a Millionaire Expert… and they have made several thousands of others very successful too


That’s why I called on DJ to reveal his unique method with us in a 5-day live workshop


So naturally, the 5-day live workshop was filled to the brim with essentials and little-known secrets


We structured it to cater to you if you’re just starting… and if you’re already neck-deep in the space


In fact on day 1 we covered…

Millionaire Expert: How To Profit From This $25 Billion Market Place -- Without Learning New Skills

A few things we revealed were…


  • The secret technique that can help your start earning more money than your more popular competitors — even if they have more followers than you.


DJ used this technique so well that the experts in his space started paying him for advice


  • Write down this done-for-you affirmation to immediately nail the mindset required to make maximum profit in minimum time. Page 4


  • The little-known truth about the expert business


  • A lie you’ve been told about being an expert that’s costing you money


  • Why someone who isn’t as good as you is making up to 40x (not a typo) more money than you. Learn their secret to multiply your income and secure your rightful place ahead of them


  • The one feature of the internet you must take advantage of now to start making more money. And the ugly feature of the internet you must avoid if not you will lose all the money you earn


  • The reality of monetizing your skills( if you want to do it the easy way)


  • Answer this question and you won’t bother about low-paying customer again


  • Find out the three reasons why the things you learn from gurus don’t work for you. PLUS what you need to make them work


  • The quickest easiest way to turn your skill into a profitable business


  • The reason you have many followers and you’re not making money. Find out why they just won’t buy


  • You follow the way a guru makes money and it doesn’t seem to work for you. Find out the final piece of the puzzle they’re not telling you

After the first day of the event, the feedback alone was insane


The next day we kicked off hot-hot with…

Millionaire Expert : 3 Money-Blocking Mistakes You Are Currently Making

  • Read the case study of a coach that tripled her income in 3 months. PLUS what she did


  • The wrong approach to the expert business.


It’s very easy to take on this approach and it seems right until you suddenly get overwhelmed and you have to start choosing between your family and lifestyle or your business survival. Find out how to avoid this common trap


  • Why you must never model a successful business


  • What they’re not telling you about being a solopreneur that could cost you your business


  • Beware of G.D’s. They are seem good for business but they are one of the secrets why a business might not last more than a year


  • The wrong approach to the expert business. Many people take this approach cause it seems easy but then they are suddenly overwhelmed and they’re are sacrificing personal time and health to support their business. Find out how to avoid this trap


  • The solopreneur myth that’s costing people their livelihood


  • There are two buckets an expert might fall into. Find out which one you are and how to escape the rut

This was deep and people left this session knowing what they were doing wrong that was costing them dearly.

Afterward… we started going hands-on… where we tackled…

Millionaire Expert: 6 Questions To Gain Consistent Stream of Premium Buyers Without Burn Out

In this module we also revealed…


  • The sneaky way to make a lifestyle income in a saturated market — Even if you’re new and broke


  • Find out where you might get high-value assets that can skyrocket your business in a short time — for free


Day 4 then focused on your first month in business if you’re just starting (or if your business hasn’t really kicked off

Millionaire Expert: The "Mid-tier" method to make N300,000 fast

Here we reveal;


  • The secret to generating a lot of money from your business even in a bad month where you get few or no customers. Discover DJ’s secret cure to the feast and famine cycle


  • The popular method to ATTEMPTING  to reach your monthly income goals that will leave you burnt out and out of cash. Find out DJ’s secret that will stream money into your business without stress


  • DJ gives a full step by step breakdown to going from no money to fully booked even  in a saturated market



And finally, on day 5, we drew the roadmap


from startup to a 7-figure business



Millionaire Expert: 3 steps from zero to N1 Million months with the A/C formula


  • Discover DJ’s fail-safe method for generating cash fast — Without having a huge email list — even if you don’t have much money to start with


  • The one thing that must happen before a customer gives you their money


As DJ reveals the A/C blueprint… Discover;


#1 – the A/C formula to go from N0 to N500,000 (or whatever your income goal is) whatever your skill is


#2 – The A/C formula to maintain your monthly income without the stress


#3 – The A/C formula when you want to scale to  N1Million+ 

— without risking burnout

— without sacrificing family time


DJ reveals a little secret to running Facebook ads that no one is talking about and it will save you a fortune


  • Discover the often overlooked method to landing the highest ever percentage of clients that come  in contact with your business


  • The simplest way to write your highest converting sales page in less than an hour. Without paying hundreds of thousand to expensive copywriters.


  • Why you must never sell your service to a client. Discover DJ’s reverse method that’s both fun and easy. This method gives him the highest rate of buyers in his industry


  • How to get your prospects to want your product more than you want them to have it


It was amazing.


Then recently I started thinking to myself why all such value should be limited to only those at the event

Because, right now, the expert space is a lot bigger than back then.


It’s also a lot easier (but trickier) to get into and profit


So I went into my folders and dug up the private recordings and finally transcribed the whole thing


To make it easily digestible


I also outlined templates and practice spaces… that even live attendees had no way of getting their hands on… to make it super practical for anyone who’d like to take advantage of this


And that’s not all.


I’ve included a legacy item that teaches how to…

Supercharge your authority and income using The CMM Method

In it, you’d learn… 

  • The single most important thing you need if you plan to sell online


  • Warning, without this one thing, you can’t win in business


  • Huge businesses spend millions in discovering content that will resonate in the marketplace. Find out a method to peek into their secret research stash for free


  • One secret that gym-goers know too well that you can use to power up your authority and income in your online business


  • Find out the method to reducing your content creation time from 30 days a month to a few days per month


  • How to create content that people will be thankful to pay you money for


I realized this will be an important addition to the millionaire expert so I decided to put it in there too


 Now here’s the best part… I’ve made it super easy for you to get your private copy of all the interviews and bonus package

I’ve even made sure price is not an issue and if you follow the steps DJ and I have outlined… your first few paychecks could easily be triple what you’d spend to get this

Simply following the outlines and template you’d see in the “Millionaire Expert: The “Mid-tier” method to make N300,000 fast” module can earn you anywhere from N50k to N150k on your first client depending on your niche and confidence.

And getting 3 – 10 clients in a month especially with the unique method DJ explained in the “Millionaire Expert: 3 steps from zero to N1 Million months with the A/C formula” is not far-fetched

I believe you can see how your earnings begin to rack up

So what’s this worth to you.

Is it the ability to finally give your family all the attention and good things they deserve?

Or a chance to prove your dream was true to people who doubted you

For me it was really about spending time with my family… my husband and daughters… and being able to afford the lifestyle I always wished for without sacrificing anything else



So basically, if you’re able to follow this program and make your first no-hassle N100,000 paycheck… then this program might as well be worth N100,000 to you


On top of the fact that you can consistently keep earning N100,000 on a weekly basis, even though you only pay for the program once


But then I understand that my results and my students results are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter).


I have the benefit of learning & practising this skill for several years now, and have the benefit of providing service in many industries.


I also understand that the average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results, which is bound to happen when you don’t take action.


So all these references for example purposes only.


They are results of my students who have implemented ruthlessly


Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.


I’m sure you also understand that all business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action.


If you’re not willing to accept that, please pass up this offer because it is worth nothing to you.


But again, I know that this is not open to only you, so I wouldn’t be so inconsiderate as to charge you the full value


I’m going to put up this power bundle out at just N9,000. So let’s say 1/10 of the value (for reasons I’ve explained above)


But this is a limited-time prelaunch


Right now, I’m offering you this package at just N4,700


I’d alert you when the launch date is due in about 2 – 3 weeks when the price will go back to N9000


So if you’re not ready now, feel free to wait till the the launch is close by


But if you’re ready to start earning your lifestyle income now…


And you know that in 3 weeks when the product is launching, you will be miles ahead of your competition


If you’re sure you’re ready to start making money in your crowded niche without burning out

Then simply go to this page and get the Millionaire Expert bundle

Once you’ve made the purchase, you’d be taken to where you can immediately download everything


I look forward to seeing you on the inside




Padebi Ojomo




I’ve currently added a special gift to the package for you. 


It’s my special tool that allows me to gain clients… 


without doing any outreach or running any ads.


You basically get clients without having to spend any money


I’ve included all the templates and scripts you need to make it work too


So you get this for free alongside the 5 parts “Millionaire Expert Series” and the CMM Method

I didn’t mention this earlier because I won’t permanently add this to the Millionaire Expert bundle. So if

you’d like to have this with your package, go to this page and get the full package now