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Go From Content Creation Amateur To Content Creation Pro in 30 days

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Here is a breakdown of what we shall be learning in the month of July



Week 1: Customer Value Roadmap: How to create content that converts to cash.


Week 2: 10×10 framework of content creation: Create 90-days worth of content in 30 Minutes


Week 3: Magnetic Carousel Formula with Canva Lord


Week 4:  Captions and CTA – How to write captions that grabs attention and open wallets



(pre-loaded in the members area)

  • How to create content that gets you paid – Video Training
  • 24 months content calendar.
  • Customer value worksheet.
  • Content marketing for dummies. e-book





I am Padebi Ojomo

Google & Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Before I became a digital marketing professional, I was a full time hustler. I started buying and selling when I was in JSS 3 and registered my first business at age 17.

Over the last 2 decades, I have started and grown over 7 different businesses in various industries, from importation, to manufacturing, I have seen it all.

So, Yes, I do understand the struggles of small business owners.

I ran my first facebook ad over 10 years ago, of course it was a disaster. With trial and error, I spent over $150 but still sent traffic to my store.

I also tried my hands on google ads, this time with better results. Today, I help organisations improve their marketing ROI by creating high converting marketing strategies that converts cold prospect into raving fans.

Content creation is my sweet spot. As digital marketer and story teller, I have perfected the art of content creation and will be distilling my decades of experience into bite size trainings within the next 4 weeks.


If you do not get your money’s worth, Send us an email, and we’ll give you a full refund.

Hear From The Horses Mouth

"I have a PHD in Business Management, so Most people discouraged me from hiring you as a coach. But Alas, it has been the best investment I made in my business. I used one of the hacks you taught is for my thesis. Let’s just say You are my saving grace

Dr Augusta

"Every business owner needs a Padebi in their life. I live in Asia and have a business in Nigeria. Padebi set up all the systems and structures I needed to build a scalable business that runs on autopilot. Lets not even mention the marketing and sales training, I received. Padebi is a lifesaver joor."

Marty Ojonah | gffitnesswear.com

"I can’t keep calm. I made my first 500k month. For someone that makes beads, and works from home, that is somewhat a big deal. I will not have been able to do this without you Padebi"

Ozidu Lois

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