Padebi Ojomo

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I have worked with Padebi in the past, and totally got value for my money. When I need to set up profitable systems in my business, I knew she was the go to resource. I had an amazing experience. Padebi gave me the needed clarity, the necessary tools and well planned next steps to be executed. If you are looking for a forward thinking no fluff marketing and business consultant, look no further. It is time and money well spent.

Ese Ogaga (Pharm)

The Period Expert

When I booked my session, I was really in a rut, I was trying to really craft my marketing message to make my ads more effective that why i booked a session. Honestly I was mindblown, not only did I get to really finetune my marketing message but Padebi gave me so many tools and insights on how to go about fine tuning my brand identity. I gained a deeper understanding of the market segment im meant to be chasing, prior to my session I was only broadly speaking to the leadership market, but Padebi helped me to niche in, considering my key strength areas

Othman Abdulrasheed

Founder Push Nation