Padebi Ojomo

Attention: Small Business Owners

Want To Attract More
Customers From The Internet?

“I’ve been using Social Media and Digital Marketing to built and grown over 7 different businesses in various industries, which collectively has earned [enter your total income. Eg. $1,000,000+] in total. “


“If you’re interested, you can learn my method and implement it in your business, too. Keep reading below to learn more about it and how to get started today.”

Dear friend,

You probably already know this…

The secret to success today is… getting your business online.

So you do the natural things that everyone else (including your competitors) are doing.

You set up your business profile on Facebook…

…Then a business website…

…Maybe an Instagram Business profile after that…

…And perhaps, a company LinkedIn profile as well.

You might’ve also built your own professional blog because you learn that Inbound marketing works so great. You’re trying very hard to keep a regular posting schedule, and trying to rank your blog posts on Google.

It makes you feel so busy like you’re doing lots of practical things to grow your business.

However, the result is nothing.

No one comes to you from Social Media. And your website generated zero leads.

“Is getting more customers from the Internet really that hard?” you might ask.

For many people, it is.

But once you know what you’re doing, it shouldn’t be that hard.

In fact, it could be much, much easier (and cheaper) than getting customers using traditional methods.

I know that because I’ve been there before.

That’s right.

Most People Failed With Digital Marketing Because They’re
Just “Winging It.”

My name’s Padebi.

Most people know me today as a Digital Marketing Aficionado, and that’s fine.

But what they didn’t know was I’ve been investing myself to learn Digital Marketing and implementing it on my own businesses for over 10 years. 

If, right now, you’re just winging it, improvising, or practicing “hope and pray” marketing, don’t feel bad… you’re not alone.

For the first few years, I started using Digital Marketing, that’s what I did, too.

And to tell you the truth, doing Digital Marketing without having a clear plan always resulted in a total failure.

Before this, I had a love/hate relationship with online marketing.

I could spend the whole week learning just one brand-new Digital Marketing method… and the next week I’d ended up feeling extremely exhausted, stressed, and frustrated knowing the method doesn’t really work as what I was expecting.

That happened over and over again, especially during my first year.

I swear I’ve almost sold my laptop just to make me stop thinking about trying to get my business online.

Doesn’t it drive you nuts? From hundreds (if not thousands) of ways to get more customers/clients online, 99% of them won’t work for you. Yet, there’s no way to tell if the method would work or not.

Fortunately, I never give up.

That’s until I finally cracked the code.

Fast forward to today…

I’ve Built And Grown Multiple Business… Plus, Helped Well Over 1,500 Small Business Owners

Are Any Of These Challenges Standing Between You And Your Success?

  • You’re struggling to get more red-hot leads you need to increase your revenue.
  • You know your business can grow bigger in the fastest time possible with Digital Marketing, but you don’t know how to get started and achieve success.
  • The customers/clients you actually land are – if you’re being honest with yourself – not actually the result of the time and effort you’ve invested in your Digital Marketing campaign.
  • You realized you have wasted too much time to learn, instead of doing practical things to grow your business.

In short, you’re running in circles with no directions and no results.

What If It Could Be Different…

What if you have a proven strategy that works to attract more customers from the Internet within just a few days after you use it?

What if you can reach more customers and double (or even triple) your sales for a cheaper cost than doing it the traditional ways?

What if your business has thousands of loyal followers on Social Media, so whenever you run a promotion, there’d always be a group of people ready to buy from you?

Wouldn’t that change your business almost immediately?

You know, it would.

And I can help you do that, starting today.


Social Media School

The Fastest And Proven Way To Learn

Social Media And Digital Marketing.

The Social Media School will take you from a complete newbie to become a savvy marketer by just spending a few hours every month to learn one of my winning marketing strategies.

Should you go with this program, you’ll no longer have to spend countless hours learning from all over the web… Plus, you can also avoid wasting your time and money on doing something that won’t work.

What you’ll learn every month is the method that works really well today.

The goal of this program is simple: I want to help you get more customers/clients quickly in the most cost-efficient way.

Yes, I’m a small business owner, too… so I clearly understand you.

You already understand the importance of marketing and advertising but because of a limited budget, you’re afraid to “go all-in” with something that you don’t know if it’d really work.


Should you enroll in Social Media School, I’ll give you the best of both worlds: Cheap, yet effective marketing strategies.

Here’s How The Program Works

Become A Member

Click the button at the bottom of this page to join the Social Media School. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be taken to our welcome video that gives you a tour of the School, and telling you where to start. 

Join The Monthly Training

Every month, we’ll cover one area of social media marketing and dig deep into the subject. You’ll be connected with me and other entrepreneurs like you. And if you have any questions, I’ll answer your question in real-time.

Here are some examples of what we’ll be covering:

– Powerful social media tools you should use

– How to grow your audience on a specific Social Media platform

– How to launch a Social Media advertising campaign that sells

– Latest Social Media tactics that work really well to drive more sales    and attract more loyal-raving fans to your brand

– …And so much more!

Access To My Entire Marketing Library

On top of our monthly training, you’ll also gain access to my marketing library, which is packed with various courses that cover different topics like:

– Instagram marketing
– Google Ads
– Facebook marketing
– Social Media Marketing tips
– …And more! 

Everything Else Included In Your Membership:

– The community that supports each other to success together
– Access and support from me
– Guest teachers training 

Businesses Changed For The Better

Once The Owner Work With Me…

It’s been enlightening, just keeps getting better and we get other professionals to come in to teach new things and most of it is practical and relatable.
The value is a lot more than we pay for monthly.

Lara Timag


Social Media School is Exciting and fulfilling. Most of my marketing issues were resolved. I love the practical nature of the classes. 

Joy Asekutu


Social media School has been an awesome learning experience has been great, I have learned new things since I have been part of social media school most importantly I have been able to implement what I have learned.

Tope Olaleye


You can do the same.

…And for a cheaper cost than what these people had to pay.

Yeah, right.

The testimonials above are from my previous clients who work personally with me through a mentoring or consulting program.

For most of them, they had to spend hundreds of dollars just for a one-hour session with me. Yet, they still found it’s totally worth it.

You don’t have to pay that much.

Join Now For Just [$XX] A Month!

The cost of this monthly membership program is waaay cheaper than the value you’ll be getting.


Just consider this:

First, if you hire a professional marketer to do the job for you, that means you should prepare at least $250 for just the first month. And if you want a really good marketer, you will be paying $10,000 a month, and 5-10% of your gross sales forever.

…And by the way, did you know some of these top-marketers have an apprentice who does most of the work and they just tweak the work?

Unless you’re ready to pay thousands of dollars, this is clearly not the best solution for you.

Another option is buying several online courses that would cost at least $50 for just learning one topic. Yet, you’ll be on your own while you’re learning.

That means you’ll easily end up paying thousands of dollars to master Social Media and Digital Marketing… Plus, hundreds or even thousands more on “trial and error” campaigns.

Now, compare these two solutions with this monthly membership program.

For just [$XX] a month, every month, I’ll show you exactly what to do to quickly increase your business revenue.

There’d be no more guesswork. No trials and errors. And no more stress and frustrations that come from trying to figure out everything on your own.

Whether you’re trying to build a new online business, or getting your business online, this could be the exact solution to achieve your success.

The question is, will you let that happen?

Get Started Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

I Am Just Starting A Business, Is Social Media For Me

Yes, by joining the school, you can fast-track your success with Social Media and Digital Marketing. The training is also designed to help business at any stage, so you shouldn’t face any problem.

Can A Social Media Manager Join This Program ?

Of course, you can join the program. The training is focused more on marketing than business. Joining Social Media School should help you improve your marketing skills.

Can I Cancel My Membership Anytime

Yes, you can. Although you’ll get more value the longer you stay in the School, but if you think you’ve learned enough, you can easily cancel your membership.

I've Tried Similar Program Before, Why This Time Would Be Different

You’ll be learning from my real-life experiences, and every training you’ll receive is based on the methods that are working really well today. Plus, you’ll also get benefit from my years of professional experience as a Certified DISC Behavioral Analysis Consultant, a Serial Entrepreneur, a Google Partner and a two-times Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate.