Padebi Ojomo

What this K-L-T formular?

It’s a simple proccess for making a brand new customer who is encountering you and

your business, to Know, Like and Trust you before you ask them to buy from you.
Why do you want them to know, like and trust you first? Because people will buy from

someone they know, like and trust FIRST, before they consider anybody else.

Think about it. Where do you make your hair? It’s most likely at the salon where you like the owner and the hairdressers. Where do you by your shoes? I’ll bet it very likely from the store where you like the owner. Which hospitals do you and your family take health treatments? Surely its at the one where you like the Doctor. They’re not called ‘family doctor’ for nothing.

Do you see how that works?
With this almost magical formular, you can:

1. Get more people to notice you and your business

2. Get them to buy from you again and again and again.

Once you master this formula, you can use it again and again to read the minds of your ideal client, and get them to buy from you again and again

What I’m about to give you is the number one strategy I recommend you apply to every single piece of marketing you create, whether it be online or offline. It works for writing proposals, designing business cards, brochure, flyer, even filling your workshop, retreat, or coaching practice.

This type of marketing is called education­ based marketing. EBM for short.

EBM is marketing that educates. It is marketing that offers value first, before your potential client gives you a dime.

In a word: TRUST. It literally cuts shorts the K­L­T process is half.

When you give someone an education—when you teach something that solves a real problem in their life—a problem currently keeping them up at night—you
instantly build an immense amount of trust with that person. And trust is the foundation
of all relationships!

It doesn’t matter if it is a romantic relationship, a friendship, a
business partnership, or the potentially lifelong relationship between you and your client!

EBM allows you to become, in eyes of your potential clients, what I call a trusted advisor.

(Hint: That’s how I stole my husbands heart, story for another day)

To drive my point home about the power of EMB, let’s review three ineffective marketing tactics along with much more effective EBM strategies.

Business: Real Estate Agency
Ineffective offer: “Let me teach you why you should list your house with me.”
Effective offer: “Let me teach you the five mistakes everyone makes when selling a house. No matter who you list with, you’ll need to know these things.”

Business: Financial Planner
Ineffective offer: “I want to come and talk to you about how I can help you plan for a better financial future.”
Effective offer: “Even if you never do anything with me, I want to make sure you know that there are five critical mistakes everyone makes in trying to accumulate wealth.”

Business: Technology Services Company
Ineffective offer: “Let me tell you how great we are at helping with your IT services.”
Effective offer: “As part of our effort to build better relationships in the business community, we offer a free white paper entitled ‘Six ways to dramatically increase productivity using your current technology.’ “

Sales is about building rapport, not breaking it.

When you sell or pitch, you’re often breaking rapport because the prospect may be skeptical—no one wants to be “sold.” When you educate, you are building rapport.

Your credibility is increased significantly when you begin meetings with information that is of value to the prospect.

Launch all your meetings by teaching your prospect something or by offering an information that establishes that you’ve done your homework.

This helps you outsmart all competition, and always clinch the deal. Basically, 3 things are involved:

1) Your zone of genius (That one singular thing one you can do so well)
2) Mastering your message (And storyfying the hell out of it)
3) Mastering your Market (Understanding their buying buttons, & Influencing their buying criteria

This is one semester course so, I will take just one and expound on it (now I am confused which one to delve in)

MASTERING YOUR MARKET: You see, everyone makes purchasing decisions based on some criteria. To keep your audience hungry and begging for more you need to be able to influences the criteria by which your potential client makes his or her purchase!

The reason you use close­up, is probably because you grew up using close tooth paste and it has always worked for you. Same thing with driving cars or eating in restaurants that was probably recommended by a friend or a colleague.

But how can you change (Disrupt) all of this?
Let’s use some real examples so you can see how powerful it can be to position a purchase.

Example #1: Health as a Buying Criterion
Remember when we had the Ebola out break? How easy was it to sell a sanitizer, a face mask, gloves etc?

The price of sanitzers literally tripled if not quadrupled. WHY?

…………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………..

Mrs Adewusi strolls into SPAR to buy her groceries for the month, and was handed a report on her way in.

Now imagine if this report shows how 85% of the water we are drinking has a high level of acidity, and that can drastically reduce ones life span and increases the chances of having cancer.

The only solution is to reduce the acidity of the water she consumes. But even before selling out your own sparkling table water or water purifying plant (Which is very very expensive), you decide to go further to teach her how to do an acid test of the water in her house to see the level of acidity. You even gave her a kit with instructions on how to do this test for free.

I bet in less than 24 hours, she will be calling your number. She will even forbid the children from drinking the water at home, seeing it as poisonous.

Do you know why?
The report gave value… but also positioned a purchase!
Tomorrow we will discuss Example #2: Using Price as a Buying Criterion

Yesterday, we spoke about Mrs Adewusi who went to SPAR to buy her groceries for the month, and was handed a report on her way in, and how this influence her “Buying Criteria”

Today, we go over Example #2: Price as a Buying Criterion

Now imagine Mrs Adewusi strolling into SPAR to buy her groceries for the month, and was handed a report on her way in.This time, the EBM report is titled, “5 Common Ways the Average Family Can Save Money in a Bad Economy!”

This time, as she reads the report, she learns…

The #5 mistake the average family makes that causes them to leak unnecessary cash flow in a tight economy is that they use too much fuel. (Fuel is expensive these days! Why not get a solar panel or an Inverter)

The #1 way you can save up to 30% of your monthly income by turning off lights when not been used, eating home cooked food instead of eating out, and getting coupon codes from every store shopped in regularly.

The #1 mistake the average family makes is that they spend way too much money on groceries! (They don’t check prices. They get fooled by bogus sales and 2­for­1 deals. And overall, they waste a ton of money at the grocery store).

But when she buys a Home delivery Bundle from you (Presuming you sell everyday consumables, and deliver it at the homes of your customers) She saves on time, fuel, energy and get to buy at the same rate of eko idumota infact the name of your brand is ekoidumota.com

Was this second report valuable? Yes! It was full of great tips on saving cash. And… did it position a purchase? Yes! Because now, as she pushes her shopping cart down the aisle, she’ll almost certainly be looking at the prices of your options against the prices of the products on the shelves in spar. Again, this report gives value, but also positions a purchase!

Now, your business is more complicated than this, obviously, but the concept still applies. The main point is this: there are many ways to position the purchase. The method you use depends on the nature of your business and the price of the item been sold. Most Importantly … it depends on how you plan to distribute your marketing.

The bottom line? You must learn how to create marketing materials that give value while positioning the purchase.

Having Said that, I am off to eat Amala.

Please note however:
EBM is a strategy that you must implement across all your promotional efforts. Marketing tactics are great and they do work, but without an overarching EBM strategy, you’ll work way too hard for way too little.

Will you be interested in using EBM in your next business promotion?
If yes, I could send you a lil something something that will be of great help…and it is free