Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Start And Scale an Online Business That Practically Runs Itself And Generates Passive Income With AI

In a few minutes, I’ll show you how to harness the power of generative AI to make loads of money and build the life of your dreams.

Did you stop to think how great your life would be if you could earn a second income from a business that runs itself?

An extra income of £100.. £200.. or even £500

Whether you believe it or not, there are many ways to use AI to build a successful online business that brings you passive income and reduces the financial burden.

No more worrying about how you would pay the bills or even afford childcare.

I understand the struggles you face every day.

You work long hours and sometimes double shifts so you can provide for yourself and your family.

If you’re tired of that life and you want a change for good.

You want to able to afford the things you desire and turn your dream of financial freedom into a reality.

Then I’d like to show you share my wealth of knowledge on easy and proven money making ideas that you can do with generative AI to make an extra income.

All you need to do is bring in your ingenuity to make the ideas work.

This is specifically for you if:

You recently migrated to another country and you couldn’t find a good paying job so you struggle to survive and work longer hours just to make ends meet.

You’re a person of color who works a job you hate and struggles from paycheck to paycheck.

You want to build a digital business that allows you to earn enough money to live a better life and take care of your family.

You want to quit your day job that always leaves you frustrated and you’re looking for a sustainable source of income.


A lot of people went through this same struggle and still became successful.

Take me for example.

Today I run a successful online business that brings in a solid income without me working a second job.

I can spend more time with my kids and afford anything they want.

I don’t worry about where my next paycheck is and I can pay my bills easily.

But it wasn’t always like this.

When I first moved to the UK, the first few months were a bit rocky.

Finances were not stable and I needed to get a steady cashflow.

It was while I was doing research that I stumbled on generative AI and how I could run a business online with it.

The best part is that you don’t need to have any experience to get started, so getting results was very easy for me.

Now I make money every single month from my online business with AI.

What if I told you that you can also do this and make passive income every single month from your online business?

Think about it, running an online business doesn’t require:

  • Miscellaneous costs like transportation when you show up to work
  • You to answer to anybody, you’re own boss
  • You work long hours every day and you’re in control of your time
  • You stay away from your family because of work and you spend more time with your family because your business keeps running an automation

You control your life at this point and would be responsible for your financial freedom.

So I want you to walk with me while I do a quick comparison.

Think of your life currently and the struggles you’re facing:

Now take a look at what your life can look like:

And with that, I introduce to you..

The Digital Product Lab: A Blueprint to Unlock Passive Income with Generative AI Workshop

A 3-hour workshop that explains all you need to know about the power of Generative AI and how you can use it to build a sustainable passive income.


Here’s all you should expect to learn in the AI Workshop.

The workshop offers a wealth of knowledge on creating and selling printables, planners, arts and party favors. It’s designed to help people of color who are struggling with finances to improve the quality of their lives.


Discover: Identify a market need or current trend.

Once you join the workshop led by experienced professionals, you’ll get an introduction on how to identify a market in need of your product or a trend you can use to sell your products such as:


Innovate: Create your own twist and add your own flavour.

Generative AI is a groundbreaking technology that allows you to create personalized products effortlessly.

You’ll learn how to harness the power to generate your own beautiful and in-demand printable items that people will love.


Generate: Develop your innovation into a product.

Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to unleash your creativity. You would learn how to create your own printables and tailor them to target your target audience and their specific needs.

Whether it’s a trendy planner for busy professionals or charming party favours for kids. The possibilities are endless.


Market & sell your digital product

Now that you have your products ready, it’s time to start selling.

You’ll learn the best platforms and strategies to market your creations effectively. You’d be able to reach your target audience, sell to them and watch your income grow.

Students of the Workshop will also get access to support from me if they face any issues

And even more, you’d also get these amazing bonuses together with the course.

Bonus 1: The Ultimate Amazon KDP Guide (Ebook + Video) - Worth £37 or N62,900

Bonus 2: How to Launch Your Stock Photo Business & Monetize It - Worth £47 or N79,900

Bonus 3: Editable Canva Templates for Digital Product Websites - Worth £97 or N164,900

Bonus 4: 15 Different Mockups to Create Your Printables - Worth £67 or N113,900

Bonus 5: Ebook Presell Formula: How to Presell any Digital Product Online - Worth £47 or N79,900

Bonus 6: Prompt Like A Pro For Mid-Journey: High Quality Prompts to Use on Mid-Journey - Worth £27 or N45,900

Bonus 7: Prompt Like A Pro For Chat-GPT : High Quality Prompts to Use on Chat-GPT - Worth £27 or N45,900

Bonus 8: 55 Planner& Journal Ideas on Products You Can Create (E-book) - Worth £37 or N62,900

Bonus 9: 90 Day Social Media Content Calendar to Market Your Products - Worth £47 or N79,900

Bonus 10: AI Tool Box with 2000 Free AI Tools - Worth £67 or N113,900

Bonus 11: GPT Cheat Sheet Containing 1000 GPT Tools - Worth £37 or N62,900

The Total Value of the Course and all the Bonuses is over £597/N1,014,900

And Just like these people who have gotten results, you can also change your life.

Some Success Stories of my Clients

Highly Recommended!

When I conceived the idea of creating an interactive journal for my girls, I sought someone who would help me bring it to fusion. Boom, Padebi to the rescue. She understood the vision clearly and immediately ran with it. The synergy we enjoyed glazed with deep commitment, creativity , and excellence produced this masterpiece.

Every day, one girl around the world using the journal sends me a message saying thank you for the journal. The journal is helping them build empowering habits and above all a healthy self esteem.

I totally loved to work with Padebi and look forward to creating more impactful resources for girls and teens round the globe.

Coach Etima - Founder, The Girls Hub

Loved Working With Her!

Enrolling in Padebi’s online course and attending her info sessions has been a game-changer for my business journey.

Her course content is well-structured, offering practical insights that are immediately applicable.

The info sessions were informative, interactive, and provided a clear roadmap for success. Padebi’s expertise in online business strategies shines through, making her an exceptional guide for anyone aiming to thrive in the digital space.

I wholeheartedly endorse Padebi’s online course and info sessions for entrepreneurs seeking tailored guidance and tangible results.

Hilda Enodano

Now that you’ve seen all you’d be getting in the Digital Product Lab..

And you’ve also seen people getting amazing results with it.

The No 1 strategy that helped me achieve crazy results is ruthless execution.

Whenever I tried a strategy that worked for me, I went all in with speed and kept doing it.

If you want to get crazy results, you must be ready to take action with speed.

This is why I want you to take action with speed today as you’re reading this right now.

And jump into the Digital Product Lab Workshop!

You might be thinking..


How much is the Workshop?

Before I reveal the price for the workshop, I want to clarify a few things.

As much as this program is designed for people of color to help them gain financial stability.

It’s not for people who are not ready to put in a considerable amount of effort to see that they get results.

Secondly, you must have an open mind, be ready to learn new things and be willing to fail at some things and succeed faster.

So how much is it?



Or even £1000?

Well, even if I charge that high I can easily justify it.

Let me explain..

If I charged $1000 as an initial investment all you would need to recoup your initial investment would be one month of solid work and you start making money.

You would get all of your investment back, PLUS have this knowledge for the rest of your life.

But I’m not even charging that high.

The price of the digital product lab. £67 or N113,000

Early bird fee is £47 or N79900



One-time payment of



One-time payment of


Is the Digital Product Lab for You Though?

The Digital Product Lab is for you if:

Here’s what happens when you buy


Click the button below to proceed to the checkout page, fill in your payment details and confirm your order.


You get an email confirming your order with a receipt and instructions on how to get started with the Digital Product Lab Workshop


You get immediate access to the community where you'd get all the live tranings and resources.


Using the DIGs frame work, we identify hot selling niches that are in demand right now. Innovate or create a twist to an already existing product, generate the product content using AI and canva, then sell it. We recommend starting to pre-sell once we identify the hot selling Niches.

While the potential of Ai for business is limitless, in the workshop, we will be focusing on 3 main products:

Product 1: Productivity /personal growth:  Planners/Journals

Product 2: Digital/Print Books: Story books, children’s books, coloring books, recipe books, self development books

Product 3: Cards: Affirmation cards, flash cards, prayer cards

Yes it is. We have children 12 years and younger that have taken this same workshop and created fast selling digital products

You learn to pre-sell and can make your first $1,000 in as little as 7 days

There is an option to join the Conversion academy (this is a seperate fee)

Click the Button Below to Secure Your Spot in the Workshop.


One-time payment of



One-time payment of


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