The Thing That Happens When People Hear The Word Idea Is They Think Always Of Something Huge And Groundbreaking Like A New Invention Or The Time Machine.

I have seen the highs of business and personal life and like life brings, I have also seen the low of the lows where I had no choice but to go from profit to nothing in little time. It seemed dark and dire at that time but the lessons I learned in those moments is what I will be showing you now.

The title of the article might make you think you don’t have an idea but that is just a half truth because you have an idea but you just don’t know. Don’t worry your pretty head though because I will show you how to retrieve the idea and make it work in just 90 days.

The thing that happens when people hear the word idea is they think always of something huge and groundbreaking like a new invention or the time machine.
The truth is, ideas many times are just a modification of what already obtains like the company Airbnb that allows people lodge strangers in their homes at a cheaper price compared to what obtains in hotels.

You see that? Everybody used hotels so, some young men thought what if people can rent out their spare rooms for travelers at a cheaper price and earn money from it. That is an idea that has become a multibillion-dollar business so the first thing we want to do is find your own idea.

First of all, do you have a body of knowledge you know you would get paid for? It could be on any subject like Marriage, weight loss, sexual performance, business, legal matters etc.
Once you have found your idea you now move to the next step which is proving how viable it is and you do that by gauging market interest.

Gauging market interest makes you sure that people are actually willing to pay for what you have to offer because many times you might think your idea is the next best thing since sliced bread and to your surprise, people wouldn’t buy it.

There are a lot of tools to gauge market interest online like Google AdWords and Facebook audience insight and those are huge topics on their own. For simplicity, I would advise you to gauge interest by looking around to see if someone is already achieving success in the niche of your choice.

To do that easily all you need is use the Google search engine, so if you are planning to sell marriage advice you can check marriage+guru+Nigeria on Google. The search result will show you if that market is good and viable because you will see people who are already achieving success in that niche and it is okay to learn from their ideas and improve on them.

Now you have the idea part on lock-down, what you need now is a product because the truth is you don’t make a profit if you don’t sell. Your product isn’t limited to a format though; it could be an eBook, an audio recording, a video, a seminar or one on one coaching sessions.

Creating a product isn’t that hard too, you can do it yourself or you can outsource it to freelancers, just make sure it is great, solves a problem and it is attractive. By attractive I mean everything from its cover, to its title says you will be crazy not to buy this as it obviously solves your problems.

The next thing you need to do is put that product somewhere where they can easily get it, it could be a website or a physical contact point, it must be accessible, to say the least. Have you heard the saying that in real estate all you need is location and location? Well good for real estate because in my line of business that doesn’t work.

Here all you need is targeted traffic, targeted traffic, targeted traffic, yes you might have the product that will finally make humans live forever but if you don’t send people to it all you will hear is deafening silence and if that happens the 90 days will go to waste.

To get people to a place where they pay for your product in the next ninety days you need a sales funnel that works like clockwork and that starts from using the market knowledge you gathered earlier.

I have an article that explains a functional sales funnel coming up soon so I won’t go into details here but setting up a sales funnel that will make you money in the next 90 days involves some easy steps that anyone can get so pay attention.

Once you know who your ideal customer is to the smallest basics you then go get him or her using the diverse advertisement channels available to you. An example is if I am selling beauty products to women I would definitely advertise on Facebook and Bella Naija because a lot of women congregate on those sites.

My advertisement will have a link that leads them to what we call a landing page and as the name implies is a page on a website that they are supposed to land on. The page should have free information that quickly shows your cold prospects that you know your topic which thaws the coldness and makes them warm towards you.

The second thing a great landing page does is help you collect their contact information like an email and or a phone number. You will get this by giving them something of value-free which you say you have to deliver to their inbox and once they give the contact information they should be transported to the page where you sell that product you created earlier.
Right now they are warm because they know you have the knowledge and just got a free gift from you so the chance of a good sales page getting them to part with their money is high.

Your sales funnel doesn’t end with your sales page though it continues when you use those contact information you got to keep sending them value while inserting your subtle sales pitch which will ensure that in ninety days your bank account is better than when you started.