Hey, I am Padebi.

I Help Companies  Grow Their Revenue With Digital Marketing Strategies?


I’m Padebi

I help organisations build and keep the right relationships with their perfect customers using the ARV Advantage.

The ARV Advantage is a digital marketing methodology that helps you sell without been salesy or sleazy. The ARV advantage helps you establish a connection first, gain their trust next,  then make buying the next logical step. 

Add this to a referral generating system and you have a well oiled marketing machine that gives you income leverage.

What I Do

Onsite Training & Consulting

With Padebi, you can be sure to experience ground breaking training and visionary consulting that drives real results

Online Training & Webinars

Padebi Ojomo offers a variety of online self study programs, live webinars and online masterclasses.

Social Media School

For small business owners who want exponential growth, the SMS is you and Padbi, up close and personal.


"I have a PHD in Business Management, so Most people discouraged me from hiring you as a coach. But Alas, it has been the best investment I made in my business. I used one of the hacks you taught is for my thesis. Let’s just say You are my saving grace

Dr Augusta

"Every business owner needs a Padebi in their life. I live in Asia and have a business in Nigeria. Padebi set up all the systems and structures I needed to build a scalable business that runs on autopilot. Lets not even mention the marketing and sales training, I received. Padebi is a lifesaver joor."

Marty Ojonah | gffitnesswear.com

"I can’t keep calm. I made my first 500k month. For someone that makes beads, and works from home, that is somewhat a big deal. I will not have been able to do this without you Padebi"

Ozidu Lois


Easy Pricing Strategies to Determine Your Rates
Easy Pricing Strategies to Determine Your Rates

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